Weekend Welder

SBI Manufacturing is seeking a skilled and experienced Welder to join our team on the weekend. As a Welder, you will play a vital role in our production process by fabricating and joining metal components, ensuring the quality and integrity of the finished products. You will utilize your welding expertise and knowledge of various welding techniques to contribute to the success of our projects. We are a small family-owned business which has steadily grown in size for over 17 years located on the south side of Sioux Falls, SD. Sioux Falls has been consistently one of the top 10 cities in the U.S. for livability.

Responsibilities and Duties:

Welding Operations: Perform welding operations on various materials such as steel, aluminum, or stainless steel. Set up and adjust welding parameters, including pulse frequency, voltage, and wire feed speed, to achieve precise and consistent welds.

Material preparation: Prepare materials for welding by cleaning, grinding, and fitting metal components as required. Ensure proper fit-up and alignment of parts to achieve strong and accurate welds.

Quality Control: Inspect welding joints for defects, accuracy, and compliance with welding specifications and industry standards. Utilize inspection tools and equipment to verify weld quality and conformance.

Check schedule to ensure proper jobs are being processed in required time.

Safety Compliance: Follow all safety guidelines and protocols related to welding operations. Utilize personal protective equipment (PPE) and ensure the safe operation and maintenance of welding machinery.

Interpretation of Technical Drawings: Read and interpret engineering drawings, blueprints, and welding symbols to execute welds according to provided technical specifications.

Collaborative Teamwork: Work closely with other welders, fabricators, and supervisors to ensure smooth coordination and efficient workflow during the welding process.

Equipment Maintenance: Conduct routine maintenance, cleaning, and calibration of welding equipment to ensure optimal performance and extend equipment lifespan.

Qualifications and Skills:

High school diploma or equivalent qualification.

Proven experience as a Welder, showcasing expertise in MIG (pulse) welding.

Welding certification or relevant vocational training is preferred.

Knowledge of different metals and their welding characteristics

Familiarity with welding codes, standards, and safety regulations.

Ability to read and interpret technical drawings and welding symbols.

Proficiency in using welding tools and equipment.

Strong attention to detail and quality driven mindset.

Physical stamina and dexterity to work in various positions and environments.

Excellent teamwork and communication skills.

Commitment to maintaining a safe work environment.

Communication skill both verbal and written.

Ability to drive forklifts.

Working Conditions:

Working conditions for a Welder involve being in an environment with excessive noise, welding gases, fumes, and heat.

Measures of Performance:

Productivity per man hour

Scheduled deadlines

Safety Practices


Customer satisfaction


Team cohesion


Health Insurance
Dental Insurance
Vision Insurance
Life Insurance
Legal Shield
Flexible Schedule
401(k) and matching
Paid Time Off


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